Broken Islands

The Broken Group of islands provide a scenic and sheltered route across Barkley Sound.

Barkley Sound is named after Captain Charles Barkley, the first european to sail there in 1787.

After motoring across Barkley Sound thru the Broken Group, I entered the narrow, tree-lined pass into Port Desire and anchored there.

Port Desire is a quiet place (at least on weekdays) filled mostly with cottages and small fishing resorts.

10 thoughts on “Broken Islands

  1. You’re reaping your rewards for braving all that ice and terrible weather through the winter, Richard!! Well deserved. This is cruising as it was meant to be.


  2. Thanks for the comments, Doug, Teka and Amos.
    Sad to say, I actually didn’t do any fishing when I was there.

  3. Richard,

    I just got back from some much warmer weather and less intrepid sailing. Flew to St. Maarten and hopped on a one of a kind 1937 classic 42’ yawl, where I got to spend a week before sailing to Bermuda with a full crew. The boat is so pretty, that even Bermuda radio gave her a nice compliment as we came in the cut @ St George’s in some slop, gusting wind, low visibility and rain. Your trip continues to enthrall, albeit yet from afar, as you sail places most of us get to see only in your photos and posts.

    Smooth sailing in all things large and small,

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