Hot Springs Cove

Hot Springs are always nice places to visit. I sailed and motored from Kyoquot Sound to Hot Springs Cove, where I anchored for the night.

Hot Springs Cove is close to Tofino, BC, and I was there on a sunny Saturday, so not alone. The land the hot springs are on was kindly donated and the area is now operated as a Provincial Park.

Most people arrive by boat from Tofino, some arrive by plane.

There is a boardwalk thru the forest to the hot springs.

The boardwalk has many planks engraved with the names of boats and groups that have visited and assisted with maintenance.

Hot Springs

Mussels and starfish downstream from hot springs in tidal pools

4 thoughts on “Hot Springs Cove

  1. Oh my gosh – looks absolutely beautiful! I’m glad you finally made it to the hotsprings..hoping to make it to Goddard in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Ahhh Goddard…the hot springs I never made it to despite wintering so near them :). Hope you have a wonderful time at Goddard Hot Springs, Teka.

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