Hecate Strait

The alarm went off at 0400, but the wind was still howling (the sound of the wind generator is a good indicator of windspeed) in the anchorage, so I slept another hour until sunrise. There were some banks (shallow water) to go around shortly after leaving the harbor and I wanted to give the seas a little more time to calm down before crossing them.

I finally feel like I am back at sea after so long in ports and inside passages. No fog and can’t see land! With the clear skies I can watch the sun set and rise, and look at the stars. An awesome place to be.

The day became gorgeous as the wind lightened, the waves eased and the sun came out. A beautiful day to be at sea, and its not even very cold. Wind is steadily decreasing, and I know I will be motoring tomorrow (I am posting this when I get internet access, not as I write it), but am enjoying the great downwind sail in what is now a Force 3 wind.

3 thoughts on “Hecate Strait

  1. Richard,

    while you are experiencing a wonderful passage exploring the road less traveled I would like to caution you about navigation hazards as you navigate Queen Charlotte Sound between the north end of Vancouver Island and the mainland there are many submerged rocks that are not visible depending on the stage of the tide – please be careful!

    Smooth seas,


  2. Doug, thanks. To avoid the rocks, I went offshore as soon as I could and then went west of Cook Bank to avoid all the islands and rocks off the NW tip of Vancouver Island (I’m in Quatsino Sound now).

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