Principe Channel

From Prince Rupert, I went to a very pleasant anchorage (Spicer Island) about 35 miles away to sit out a NW gale. The gale was short-lived, and part of a big high pressure system, so clear skies and occasional sunshine were to be expected for the next few days. I mostly sailed the 60 miles down scenic Principe Channel, dead downwind, where the picture was taken. It was great to be sailing again, and I later motored into a pretty and very well protected anchorage (Gillen Harbor, below) for the night.

4 thoughts on “Principe Channel

  1. Glad to see you are exploring the out of the way places – Grenville Channel is wonderful but it sounds like you are having a great time on the road less traveled… take you time and enjoy a slice of heaven…


  2. Doug, thanks. I’ve been taking my time going slow when the wind is against me or blowing a gale, but moving along when the wind is favorable. One could spend several years sailing this coast and still not see see it all…

  3. Thanks for the compliment! I’m not sure I understand your question, are you asking about the blog’s wordpress theme, the camera used, or the post-processing on the pictures?

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