Towing Logs

Passed this fishing boat towing logs in the north entrance to Prince Rupert, British Columbia. I’m not used to seeing boats towing logs, but British Columbia is a big logging area, so I’m sure I’ll see many more. Prince Rupert is a big, deep-water port (the ships use the wide, deep, straightforward south entrance), and pretty much the port one needs to go to when coming from Alaska to clear Customs in Canada. The northern entrance (Venn Passage) that I took is shallow, narrow, rock-strewn and scenic.

10 thoughts on “Towing Logs

  1. Richard,

    What was this Canadian salmon seiner doing towing a small boom of logs? Moving them out of the navigable waterway? (High tides float many logs off the beach)

    Still looking for crew for a 2013 Arctic NW Passage – pass the word along – details on my website under Passages… NW Passage Details


  2. Doug, thanks for the identification. I don’t know why they were towing the logs–probably to get them out of the waterway. I noticed a smaller fishing boat doing the same in Ketchikan (but only with one log, shortly after the high tides that were caused by the moon recently being very close to the earth).

    Hope you find crew for the 2013 NW Passage. Is your site still ?


  3. These are hard times. And even in the best of times, mariners haul home logs for their wood stoves at home. A cord of wood is worth a days, maybe two, labor these days.

  4. The main website is: then you can use the left sidebar to navigate to additional content such as Blogs, Voyages, Weather, Recipes etc.

    The sidebar link at “NW Passage Details” will take you to even more content on the voyage plus link such as FAQs, Ice Maps, list to other NWP boats etc.

    Several of Michelle’s recipes are wonderful for boating… delicious!

    Richard you continue to amaze me – outside Vancouver Island… WONDERFUL!
    Your current anchor in Winter Harbor is great in the Fall for Coho Salmon fishing… early its good for halibut and cod.



  5. Thanks for updating. Looks great. I sent the blog owner an email offering to post something for his crew wanted up on (our sister site). There’s always folks on that site looking for opportunities to get on-board for a bit, so maybe it could help him out.

    Apparently he has a blog too. I’d love to get him over here with us adding great content to our community!

    Glad to see all is well Richard. Are you planning on heading down to southern California at all? Lunch is on me if you do.


  6. Thanks, Doug. The west of Vancouver Island seemed more interesting and appropriate for a sailboat than the Inside Passage side.

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