Winter Harbor

With a headwind, then a gale in the forecast, I went into Quatsino Sound, on the NW of Vancouver Island, and up into Winter Harbor. Winter Harbor is a very well-sheltered place to anchor or dock. There is a store, Post Office and fishing lodges in this small settlement. I’m spending a few days at anchor here, waiting out for better winds.

8 thoughts on “Winter Harbor

  1. Remembering all your ‘no love for warm climate’ comments when Issuma was headed for the tropics, I am guessing you are very comfortable with the climate. The blog continues to inspire.

  2. Thanks very much, George. I must admit, after wintering in Alaska, the tropics don’t seem like a bad place now :).

  3. Hi Richard, nice to see you in BC.
    Haven’t been able to get on your site for a while, must have to do with my Internet connection, takes for ever to load and crashes my PC but managed to get here on the laptop just now…..

  4. George, no, can’t say I have thought of looking for work in Singapore…are things going extremely well there?

  5. Hello Joe, BC is very nice, but wifi and cellular signals are rare in the parts I’ve been to. Don’t know why my blog would not have been working for you (though there were a lot of pictures in the last post, so it probably does require a good internet connection to view it…).

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