How Sunny it Was

This is how sunny it was many days ago. I’m still in the weather system that has much rain. I thought I’d be out of it today, but it seems to be expanding…I’m on the fringes of it now, so it only rains 30% of the time. It’s warm, tropical rain, so not unpleasant to be outside in. I’m not sure how visible it is from the map on the right, but I’m on the Abrolhos Bank now, an area of shallow water including the Arquipelago dos Abrolos. My original plan was to stay far enough east to be in deep water passing this area. A disadvantage of being in the shallow water near the coast is that there are far more fishing boats to avoid. A few days ago, the forecast for March 7 indicated a north gale coming. Forecasts that far away are not accurate, but I decided I wanted to be in a position to go somewhere for shelter if there was a gale on March 7. So I headed closer to shore, where there are a few places one can seek shelter from north winds. As of yesterday’s forecast, it looks like it will be a strong breeze (not a gale) from the NW and N on March 8, so I may just keep sailing.

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