Sailing/Fishing Boat Dryas

It was nice to watch this fishing boat, Dryas, sail onto the dock. I didn’t get a chance to talk with them. The sailing-fishing boats that I have talked to say they don’t really fish under sail, but use sails if the wind is in the right direction, or to reduce rolling, or to go pleasure sailing with.

2 thoughts on “Sailing/Fishing Boat Dryas

  1. Interesting to see the apartment looking building in the background Richard, where is this?
    I have seen and admired a few old-timers sail off of and back onto their moorings and docks. Some even in Toronto in the old days and many in the Caribbean.
    It is a shame to see this skill being lost in our modern sailing community – not such of great feat really, if you understand your boat’s ability and have situational awareness to recognise the wind and currents affecting your hull.
    I think being engineless should be thought at basic sailing courses, but nobody wants to hear that…..

  2. The apartment building in the background is on Japonski Island.

    I really like sailing on and off docks and moorings, but I like it best in smaller boats–much easier to handle in the generally limited space available most places. I am pretty sure RYA Yachtmaster training still involves sailing on and off docks, but it is done in smaller boats.

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