They’re Off!

Yesterday was the start of herring season in Sitka, and all the fishing boats that had recently come in and filled up the harbor suddenly left.

5 thoughts on “They’re Off!

  1. Jacob, thanks, yes, you’re right, Maverick is a boat from Deadliest Catch.

  2. Richard, you haven’t installed that 52″ flatscreen yet? ;>)
    Rick and Donna Quashnick’s F/V Maverick was on season 1, 2 and 3 of the Deadliest Catch….

  3. Richard, I hope you don’t mind; I posted the cool pic of Maverick on my Facebook page and a link to your blog……

  4. Joe, yep, still no TV on Issuma :)
    Glad you liked the picture of Maverick.

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