Pleasant Sailing

Sitka Sound, AK
On Saturday, after setting sail in a near-calm, the wind steadily increased to a pleasant sailing breeze. We dropped the fisherman and sailed along nicely under yankee jib (the forward-most sail) and mainsail (the aft-most sail) alone. Had lots of problems tacking with the yankee jib sheets catching on the forestaysail stay. Normally I have the forestaysail (trinquette) set before the yankee jib (a much larger sail). I wasn’t using the forestaysail that day (for no particular reason), so there was nothing to keep the yankee jib from wrapping around the forestaysail stay each time we tacked. So someone went forward on each tack to help the yankee jib get around the stay. It was a nice sail anyway. For a few minutes there was some hail to remind us it was still February in Alaska, but it never rained, and the wind was good.

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