Sitka, AK
I’m not used to driftwood that’s bigger around than I am tall. I got quite used to no driftwood at all this summer in the Arctic. I guess I’m going to get used to driftwood like this and larger as I go south. Speaking of going south, I’m delaying that for a while. While the weather hasn’t made sailing impossible, it has made it difficult enough that I’d rather delay for a while. It was getting to be a week or so of gales, storms or strong headwinds, followed by 1-2 days of reasonable traveling weather, which made for slow progress. Also, there are some things on the boat that I want fixed (like the cabin heater that works off the engine cooling system) before continuing in cold, windy conditions, and fixing stuff is much easier when one is not traveling. Maggie had to go back to work, so she is back in New York now. She took this picture last week.

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