Kodiak Harbor

Kodiak, Alaska
Kodiak is the largest city we’ve been to since leaving Quebec. Kodiak has a big harbor, though it was pretty much full when we arrived, as most of the boats were waiting for a fishing season to open. Pretty much everything one needs is available in Kodiak. The new battery for the Iridium phone didn’t work out. Douglas Pohl of northwestpassage2012.com very kindly lent me an Iridium phone for the rest of the trip. Thanks Douglas!While the weather in Kodiak was quite pleasant, the real stormy season is coming quickly, so it is time to be moving on. On the crew front, Jordan had always said he could stay only until the end of September, so he left the boat in Kodiak. Lin also left the boat in Kodiak. After a couple of busy days in Kodiak, with a reasonable weather forecast for getting across the Gulf of Alaska, Jordan cast off my lines from the dock and I motored out of Kodiak singlehanded again.

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