Ulukhaktok (formerly Holman), Diamond Jenness Peninsula, Victoria
We had a pleasant daysail from Freshwater Bay to Ulukhaktok (formerly Holman). The hamlet sits between two bays, King’s Bay and Queen’s Bay. We had planned to sail into King’s Bay (as mentioned in the Sailing Directions) and anchor, but, on approach, considering that Queen’s Bay was wider, and more feasible to tack into if necessary, we sailed into Queen’s Bay instead. I was apprehensive coming in, as there were only occasional soundings on the chart (the Sailing Directions note that the approaches have not been fully sounded), and I wasn’t sure the features of the land we were looking at matched the chart very well. Sailing onto the anchor went really well, we made it into the bay on one tack, furled all but the mainsail, rounded up into the wind and lowered the anchor, later backing the mainsail to set it. No one noticed us at first, later several people said it was rare to see a sailboat here (though cruise ships commonly visit).

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