The Rope Reels

To answer George’s comment about the reels of rope on deck. One reel stores 100m (330′) of 22mm(7/8″) polyester and 10m chain. The other reel stores 200m (660′) of 20mm (3/4″) blue polyethylene rope (underneath a cover for UV protection). These ropes are used for anchor rodes, sea anchor rodes, and as shore lines (tying the boat to shore as well as using an anchor to limit how far it will swing). We used these ropes a lot in Labrador, where we often wanted either a second anchor or a shore line. Having reels makes it quick and easy to handle long ropes. Since it is handy to have the ropes available, I leave the reels on, even when not expecting to need them for anchoring, or shore lines.The disadvantage of having these reels is that they are pretty heavy when the rope is on them, which is weight in the wrong place, and also that thay stick out, so the boat cannot go alongside a wall on the port side. Not being able to go alongside a wall on the port side is usually not a big deal, and has only occasionally been an inconvenience. The rope reels are stainless steel with plywood bolted onto the ends. There is a solid stainless steel rod going through them which they turn on. The picture was taken this summer in Hudson Strait. In the background is an ice floe with two seals on it.

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