A Beautiful Day

Long Island Sound, USA
We sailed into the eastern end of Long Island Sound just ahead of strong southerly winds (a close-hauled course for us). We had just gotten around Orient Point (at the entrance to the sound) when the wind picked up, and the current started to turn against us. We continued for a few miles, then anchored off the beach for six hours until we had favorable current again. Then we sailed on until the current turned again, anchored and continued again when the current became favorable. While underway, the forecast changed from merely strong southerly winds to a tornado watch, but fortunately we did not encounter anything more than a near gale and rain. In Labrador, it seemed that people described almost any day as a Beautiful Day (it was more of a greeting than a description, though), so I thought that was an appropriate title for a day with wind that can be sailed in and enough rain to compensate for the otherwise overly warm temperature.

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