Wetsuit Test

While approaching an anchorage in Labrador, a rope went over the side and got caught underneath the boat. The next morning, I dug up my wetsuit and went in to free the rope and scrub the keel–a job I’d been wanting to do for a while but hadn’t gotten around to yet. In the picture, Ted has just passed me down the regulator, and I’m putting it on. The boat has a diving compressor (narghile), which pumps air down a hose to the regulator. This is the first time I tried using the system, and it takes a while to get used to breathing thru the regulator. A heated swimming pool would be an easier place to learn to breathe thru a regulator than a Labrador harbor with icebergs outside, but nothing is perfect :). I used several big shackles as diving weights and was in the water about half an hour (the wetsuit is thicker than most), getting one side of the keel scrubbed. The other side of the keel will wait until next time.

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