On the Beach

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
We put Issuma on a gravel beach in Halifax harbor to scrub the bottom and change the propellers. In the picture, Chris is scrubbing the bottom (to remove the barnacles that attach themselves to the hull and slow it down). I was trying to lean the boat towards the land, which is what I’ve done when beaching keel boats (so they can’t fall down suddenly). Attempting to lean towards the beach is why the boom is out to the side and holding up the dinghy. The boat, however, had other ideas, and insisted on leaning away from the land. Issuma stayed in place well enough, supported by the beach, lines to trees and an anchor, and we just avoided being near the low side (in case the boat slid or tipped).I was trying to change the propellers, but, until the blades have been removed, one can’t see what socket wrench is required to remove the nut holding the propeller on. Unfortunately, I did not have a big enough socket wrench for this, so haven’t yet been able to change the propellers. We are searching the Halifax/Dartmouth area for a suitable wrench.

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