Fisherman’s Backyard

Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA
Provincetown is a pleasant seaside resort and fishing town. It has a port that is protected from all directions. We had no plans to stop until the water pressure tank (which is part of the system that makes drinking water come out of the faucets) rusted out while we were in Cape Cod Bay. We made a phonecall to a marine hardware store in nearby Provincetown to see if they had any suitable manual pumps (there is less to go wrong with a manual system) to work around it. They said they had a wide selection of pumps like that, so we sailed to Provincetown. The person in the store who said they had pumps was wrong, so we are drinking water from the supply of bottled water that is aboard, and we got some fresh food and a few other things in Provincetown while we were there. The water in the main drinking water tanks is still available (just less conveniently) if we run out of bottled water.

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