Sailing Under the Sun

I sailed under the sun yesterday, and am now north of where the sun now is, at 12 degrees North. The days are getting measurably longer–not noticeably longer, but as I pay attention to the times of sunset and sunrise, I notice they are about 40 minutes longer. I’m hoping it gets cooler soon, but as long as the wind blows nicely, it is pleasant out here, far from land. Not much out here but birds and a few fish. After catching no fish for two weeks, a fish that must have been big took my lure yesterday. The brake on the fishing reel screeched a few seconds as the fish took off with the lure. Unfortunately, he completely took off with the lure, leaving me with just the line in the water (fortunately I have other lures to use).After seeing no other vessels for ten days, yesterday a Chinese fishing boat came close yesterday, seeming to be looking for fish (they didn’t have any gear out and was following what looked to be a search pattern), and last night a tanker passed. So it’s not as quiet here as it would seem from a look at the position.

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