View from the foredeck

The sail on the right in the picture is the trinquette or fore-staysail, the sail in the middle of the picture (the highest one) is the fisherman, and the left-most sail (low) is the voile d’etai or main staysail. After a few hours of no wind yesterday, a light, favorable wind came up and has stayed since, making for pleasant sailing in small seas. The oilfield area mentioned yesterday has been passed, and we are in deep (3000 metre) water, so there should not be many fishing boats around. Something very large and well-lit appears to be stationary about 12 miles east. Too far to be able to see what it is with binoculars, the AIS only reports the name of it (not position, course and speed like it usually does), Andromeda. Doesn’t sound like a ship name. I didn’t think oil rigs drilled this deeply, but maybe they do?

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