Damien II Sailplan

For those interested in the technical details of the boat, this is the sailplan of the Damien II design, as drawn by the designer. I believe that Issuma is the 25th and last boat built to this design. Issuma has also been modified by extending the transom, making her somewhat longer (15.3m instead of 14.14m). The text at the bottom of the picture is probably hard to read, so here is most of what it says:
Length 14.14m (46′ 5″)
LWL 12.30m (40′ 4″)
Beam 4.40m (14′ 4″)
Min Draft 0.80m (2′ 7″)
Max Draft 3.08m (10′ 1″)
Empty Displacement 13,500kg (29,762 lbs)
Loaded Displacement 18,000 kg (35,683 lbs)
Ballast 4,500 kg (9921 lbs)
Engine HP 70 CV (70 HP)

Base Sail Area 147 m2 (1,581 sq ft)
Total Sail Area 468.5 m2 (5,040 sq ft)

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