Catching Up

Haro Strait on a beautiful September day

I’ve been working in Vancouver for the last several weeks. After several years off sailing, I’m enjoying working (in computers) again. While I expect the novelty may at some point wear off :), I’m enjoying it now.

Issuma is still docked in Victoria, which is 5-7 hours from Vancouver by bus/train/ferry. I plan to move her closer to Vancouver later this month.

Upcoming Presentations:
* Cruising the Coast of Brazil, Thursday Jan 17, 7:30PM, for the Tiddly Cove Yacht Club and the VancouverBoaters Meetup group.
* Cruising the Coast of Brazil, Thursday, Feb 7, 2PM, Vancouver Boat Show
* Sailing the Northwest Passage, Friday, Feb 8, 8PM, Vancouver Boat Show