Maceió Ferryboatman

Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil
Aboard a Maceió ferryboat, Issuma is in the background. Only one oar is used to propel the boat. The motion of the oar takes a while to learn (I spent about twenty minutes learning, at the end of which was just able to move the boat along slowly), and is hard to describe in words. Rowing is always done standing up, to be able to put more force into it. Note the cigarette in his left hand–he has been doing this for years, so he is able to smoke and row at the same time :).

Maceió Ferryboat

Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil
Sturdy wooden rowboats like this one are used to ferry people, ice, fish and supplies to and from the fishing boats moored in Maceió harbor. Note the notch in the transom (back of the boat) where the oar goes–only one oar is used to row these boats.

The Colorful Waterfront of Maceio

Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil
Maceio, mainly known for its beautiful beaches, had a colorful harbor. The harbor is mostly full of small fishing boats, but also has tankers and cruise ships docking in it.The sail on the right is on a traditional type of boat, still used for fishing today, called a jangada. More about these later. I am a long way from Maceio, still enjoying the good winds of the stationary front I am near.