Sunrise at sea

Weather continues to be beautiful here, though the favorable wind I’ve had the last few days is slowing down and is forecast to be a headwind soon. It has been nice while it lasted, and a very welcome change from the weather at the start of the trip. Sorry to hear the weather in New York is not as pleasant.


Have been getting some very welcome tailwinds the last few days. Most of the trip has been headwinds and occasional calms. The whole way there has been a current going the opposite direction, slowing the boat down by about 20 miles a day. The picture is just a nice sunset, from beside the foremast…there was a light headwind when the picture was taken.

A pleasant day

The weather is pretty consistently humid here, when it is windy, there is much spray as well. This is a pleasant sailing day, the wind is from ahead, but not directly, the waves are small, and there is a mix of sun and clouds so it isn’t really hot.All sails are set. The mainsail is the only sail not visible.

Using the storm jib

In the picture, the storm jib (the sail with the orange parts) is setting nicely in the pleasant sailing conditions. I set the storm jib for the Force 7/8 wind that was expected the other night. I went far enough offshore to be clear of the continental shelf, to be in deep water. Waves coming from deep water into shallow water, as they would be with the expected wind direction and speed, get steep, unpleasant and dangerous. The Force 7 (28-33 knots) subsequently arrived and we spent the night sailing to windward (it was coming from the direction I wanted to go in) in it. A lot of slamming and banging as the boat hit the waves and the waves hit the boat. Lots of spray keeping things wet. The sails performed well. The following day the wind moderated to Force 6 (22-27 knots), and the following night to pleasant, light winds. Once set, there seemed no reason to drop the storm jib, so, even in the very light breeze there is now, the storm jib is still set, along with all the other sails.

View from Aloft

This is a view of the entrance/exit to the harbor of Punta del Este. It was taken a few days ago.I’m at sea, heading up the coast of Brazil now. I planned the departure from Punta del Este closely with the forecasts. Unfortunately for my plan, the wind did not read the forecasts. So the conditions were not what I was hoping for (strong headwinds, lots of steep waves in the shallow waters just off the coast) the first couple of days. The constant waves over the deck did a good job of scrubbing it clean.Things are much nicer today, with sunny skies and a beautiful light wind that allows the boat to point in the right direction.